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About Us

2ndOffice Inc. is a Filipino based company specializing in e-commerce and data entry. We have over 10 years+ experience with e-Bay, Amazon and e-commerce. We also provide data entry, graphic and marketing services to all types of industries.

We’re hiring like crazy right now and looking for smart, forward thinking problem solvers to join our world class team!

Please check out 2ndoffice’s core values. They are the heart and soul of our culture and central to how we do business. If you are fun and passionate in your job, and think the other will fit you too, please take a look at our openings and find the one that best fit your skills and experience.

Family Core Values

We believe that culture is key at 2ndOffice. Our brand, services and business strategies are often defined by the 10 core values we’ve developed over time. Below are the core values we live by.

1. Exceeding expectations through spectacular service
2. Do More with less
3. Work Smarter Not Harder (Unless Working Harder is the Only Option)
4. Create Solutions Not Excuses
5. Pursue Growth and Never Stop Learning
6. Be Creative, Open Minded, and Innovative
7. Treat Others the Way YOU Want to be Treated
8. Be Passionate & Determined with everything you do
9. Create and Maintain Open, Honest, and Meaningful Relationships with Communication
10. Delivering High Quality Results through Meticulous Quality Checks and Standards Compliance

Our Vision 

– To help our employees grow their career
– Deliver innovative and quality solutions for our clients
– To become the #1 BPO for eCommerce clients worldwide

Compensation and Benefits:

  • Competitive Salary with Excellent Growth Prospects
  • 13th Month Pay
  • Meal Allowance
  • Transportation allowance
  • Attendance Incentives
  • Sick Leave (convertible to cash)
  • Pag-Ibig/HDMF, SSS, and Philhealth
  • Medical Insurance

Why join our growing family?

  • We are growing really fast and we want you to grow with us!
  • Unique BPO specializing in worldwide e-commerce
  • Various in-house training programs
  • We believe in promoting within!
  • Great opportunities to grow your career
  • Fun working environment
  • Located off Marcos Highway in the City of Antipolo, people within the area are encouraged to apply!


Meet the team


Why Work Here

To start off, 2ndoffice is a family owned corporation. 2ndOffice started out with just me, my cousin, my husband and my brother. Its foundation was built with visions of how to grow and help the Philippines’ eCommerce industry. It has always been our passion to help clients grow their business, as well as to aid people working for us in growing their careers. We treat our staff as family and we believe that the values and culture that we promote is important since we are still growing. New as we are, we always strive to better ourselves, to improve our services and to build the careers of people who chose to work with us. We always try to provide different ways to balance work and fun in the office environment.We don’t just hire people based on their scholastic records but we recruit based on people’s potential. If you are fun loving and a little crazy (in a good way;not in a psycho kind of way), then join our team of talented individuals!

Auie Serrato
HR Manager


Learning and Experiencing Work as an OJT at 2ndOffice

When I started my on the job training on December 6, 2013 at 2ndOffice, I was assigned to the Web Development team as a Graphic Designer. Renzo was my supervisor and I learned quite a lot from him. Not only did I enhance my image editing skills, I also learned a lot of new techniques and even different Photoshop plug-ins which can be used to enhance images even further. I also acquired some skills in eCommerce Data Entry and found out how hard it really is.

My experience as an OJT at 2ndOffice was a great one. I dealt with professionals on a daily basis and I never felt like an outsider (or just an intern/OJT); I felt like I was a part of their family. They always included me on their events, like the Christmas Party, their “Fun Activity Days”, etc. I am so grateful that I found 2ndOffice and was able to become part of their team during my training as an OJT.


How many vacancies are there?

Please check out our Current Openings tab

What is your recruitment process?

We encourage applicants to submit their resume online. We then screen applicants based on their set of skills and experience.  Once you qualify for any vacancy that we have, we will contact you for the initial interview.

How do I submit a resume?

Please click on our current openings link to apply for the position you’re interested in.

Can I submit my information without applying for a position?

It would be better if you could indicate the job position that you are applying for.  Good thing is, you are not limited to apply for 1 position only.  You can apply with as many job openings that we have that fit your skills and expertise.

What happens to my resume after it’s been submitted?

Most of the time HR sends out an acknowledgement receipt of your email.  It will then be processed depending on the urgency of the job opening.

Will I hear back from a recruiter?

If we feel that you qualify or see a potential, you will be asked to come to our office for the initial interview.

Is there a limit to the number of roles I can apply for?

You can apply with as many job openings that we have that fit your skills and expertise.

How long can I expect to wait to hear back once I have submitted my application?

It really depends if the vacancy is for an urgent position then we will give you a call within 3 days. If not, it may take longer than that.

If I have been unsuccessful in the interview process for one role, will I automatically be rejected from another role in the same or different department?

The way that we hire at 2ndoffice is we seek out the strengths in each applicant. We then match each applicant’s interest, passion and skills to the available jobs that we have. If we feel that you qualify for other position, then we offer it to you.  Most of our writers applied for a different position in the beginning.

From time to time there are new openings that you might qualify for in the future. Send us your resume and help us grow your career!


Ciannat Complex Barangay Mayamot
Marcos Highway
Antipolo City, 1870 Philippines
Philippine Phone: +63-02-962-0076
email: [email protected]

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